Introducing The New Adventure Series

Avon brings to you the new range of high-end bikes that are crafted with futuristic designs, stunning looks, world-class technology, best components, zero defect quality, high precision and reliability. The new series of bikes by the house of Avon are engineered to give you the perfect escapade experience. If you want to ride through the rough terrains, if you want to ride through rush hours and if you want to cherish your complete voyage, this new series of bikes is sure to boost you up. With Avon's brand new series, adventure will now have a brand new route.

Racing Ahead in the Love for Cycling

Be it recreation, sporting or everyday transportation, cycling has been an ever green activity since its invention. From people who use it as their mode of daily conveyance to avid adventurists, cycling has meant so many things to so many things through the ages. And more so, for health junkies; you don’t need to tell them how much of an all-rounder it is, when it comes to holistic health benefits!

Interestingly, though the first cycle was built in 1817, Germany, it didn’t officially become a sport up until 1868 in Europe. Regular road races and city-to-city races became the rage in those days, but with the roads in a dilapidated state, most of these races were held on tracks or time trials. When the fire caught and spread towards the United States as well, cycling became a synergy of passion and motivation for all, becoming literally, a trail blazer! Soon, roads were improved and cycling was made a regular, developed sport, to give birth to future winners and aficionados.

With time, both the sexes came together, shedding inhibitions and the moral chaos created by the society, and empowered themselves and the sport, by sharing camaraderie and mutual love for the sport of cycling.

Sports bikes today have surpassed the yester years’ limitations of thought, capacity and quality. People and brands have been coming together to facilitate each other in taking cycling to levels as high as the mountain peaks on this Earth; and bicycle brands have spent decades in attempting to make a mark in the market and the hearts of cyclists who care deeply about the quality and make of the cycles they use in their sport. Because it is not just about the brand name or the style of the bicycle, it is also about the nature of the cycle, the sturdiness and the lasting durability of the product in use. For to scale heights, the tools in hand must be strong and promising.

AVON Cycles Ltd. has been one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of cycles in India. Since its inception in 1948, AVON began as a brakes and saddles manufacturer and graduated to become a beloved brand name for bicycles of all ranges and categories. Fit to the pocket capacities of its discerning customers, AVON has successfully combined quality and affordability within its wheels of efficiency and consumer satisfaction. Housing a trendy range of numerous bicycles in designs and tastes meant for any and every one, the brand understands the pulse of its customer base and works relentlessly in providing them the best in the game.

AVON Cycles Ltd. has also taken its platform online, to stay ahead in the era of e-commerce. Taking its efficiency a mile forward, it has been appreciated for its last mile connectivity in providing online services in high end cycle. This enables the customer to confidently rely and trust a brand’s capacity to reach out to them when it comes to buying the products they prefer.

AVON Cycles’ newly established category is the New Adventure Series, AVON Cyclux. As a fresh range of high end bikes crafted with the vision of futuristic technology and designs, the AVON Cyclux range comes with an array of cycles that beat the game in looks, technology and quality. With adventure bicycle that complete your ardent passion for the roads and the hills, life will always be adventuresome in every step of the way for you. Because on the wheels, you discover life at a new speed.

AVON Cyclux Offers a Variety of Sports Bicycles

  • Cyclux ORB
  • Cyclux Terra
  • Cyclux Yumi
  • Cyclux Pepper
  • Cyclux ORB-2
  • Cyclux Yumi-2
  • Cyclux Capture
  • Cyclux Ekspres
  • Cyclux Salt
  • Cyclux ORB (Junior)
  • Cyclux Essence
  • Cyclux Spirit
  • Cyclux Just29
  • Cyclux Cyanic 27.5
  • Cyclux League
  • Cyclux Motive

As already mentioned, the factor of affordability is what makes AVON as a brand visible and effective in India. And that is why sports bicycle prices in India are the most amicable and customer friendly, at AVON Cycles. Because the brand scales high in its value addition and customer psychology, it has successfully made its name as the preferred brand for budget cycles as well.

With AVON Cycles around, Indian consumers will always have a name to resort to when it comes to buying the best sports bicycle in India. Because they have not just been the hub of cycles but also are the centre for extensive research and development to continuously evolve in cutting edge technology and customer preferences. Known for their multiple ages customers including women and girls; AVON is sure to keep going ahead in the journey of bringing the society together to ride towards a new future of progressiveness and the mutual love for cycling forever etched in everyone’s hearts.